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The 5 Day Youtube Breakthrough Challenge is now closed. For the next LIVE session, join the waitlist 

Energize Your YouTube Channel Today!

Join the YouTube Success 5 Day Breakthrough Challenge and energize your business and your  your channel!

The next 5 day LIVE Breakthrough challenge starts in August. Join the waitlist below and not only will I email you when registration opens, but I'll also shoot you some useful tips to help you get moving before then!


Don't want to wait? Ready to get Youtubing RIGHT NOW? Join my YOUTUBE BREAKTHROUGH MASTERCLASS and get all the same great strategies and actionable steps in digital form! You could be creating your best content by this weekend!

Join the Waitlist Here

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Join now and start creating your best content on YouTube, bringing your channel alive with energy, engagement, and profitability

leave procrastination

It's time to take action! You have a message to share. Your thriving YouTube channel is only 5 days away.

talk to your people

Unlocking the key to YouTube success hinges on creating content that resonates with your target audience. But who exactly is your audience, and how can you ensure they'll love your videos? Let's tackle these questions head-on in our challenge together.

strategy to get suggested on youtube

You stumbled upon my YouTube channel because the YouTube Algorithm suggested my video to you. With the right approach, you can harness its power to attract your desired audience by creating content they adore.


Join in group coaching and have access LIVE to receive feedback directly from me on your video and ideas. I will help you gain clarity, have confidence, and get Youtubing.

Additional one on one coaching will be available at a discounted price for participants.

Are you ready to start seeing results with Your content? Join the Youtube Breakthrough Challenge

Join the 5 Day YouTube Breakthrough Challenge


  • 5 days of LIVE group coaching

  • A week to complete tasks

  • Individual Strategy Feedback

  • Community with other Creative Entrepreneurs growing and building like you

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Support in Growth Mindset Cultivation

"As a creative entrepreneur, I initially struggled with the notion of translating my craft onto the YouTube platform. I harbored doubts about whether my unique talents and artistic endeavors could effectively resonate with an online audience. However, participating in the YouTube Breakthrough 5-Day Challenge has been a revelation.

Through the expert guidance and collaborative support offered in the course, I've gained a newfound clarity on how to authentically showcase my creative craft on YouTube. The personalized strategies and actionable insights provided have empowered me to confidently express my creativity in a way that captivates and engages viewers.

I'm amazed at how this course has transformed my perception, from viewing YouTube as a daunting platform for creative expression to embracing it as a powerful tool for sharing my passion with the world. I now approach content creation with enthusiasm and purpose, knowing that my unique voice has the potential to make a meaningful impact.

Thank you for helping me unlock the true potential of my creative journey on YouTube!"

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Ama Bei
Hello Creative Soulmate

​I'm Dr. Stormie Grace, Business Coach and Practicing Professional Astrologer. I used to think entrepreneurs were a bit crazy... until I realized I was one of them! Now, I run two successful businesses that will leave my legacy, and I'm here to show you how to do the same.

With a Doctorate in business management, specializing in Organizational Design and Development, I've journeyed from Colorado to Spain, where I now live with my family, happy planets, and bougie dog, Brody.

My journey on YouTube began a decade ago with my first channel, Stormie Grace, which serves as the cornerstone of my coaching business, professional speaking engagements, and global travel adventures, as well as my Astrology Educational programs.

My second channel, which is less than a year old, has already surpassed 1k subscribers and continues to grow steadily, thanks to the techniques I'll be sharing with you in this training. This platform has not only enabled me and my family to see the world and generate profit but also to leave my mark and legacy anywhere in the world.

Truth be told, I was initially terrified to start my YouTube journey. I often found excuses, convincing myself that I more and better equipment, perfect eyelashes and makeup, and tons of experience. However, I eventually had to say, "Eff it" and start!

Today, I am grateful to have a few lovely channels that generate income while I sleep and a thriving community of over 86,000 YouTube subscribers whose lives are positively impacted by the content I create and techniques I teach.

I assure you, YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL with Youtube and it can change your life, PERIOD.


With mentorship, we go further faster. 


Joining the YouTube Breakthrough 5-Day Challenge was a game-changer. As an older intuitive healer, I worried about my age and lack of tech skills holding me back on YouTube. Dr. Grace's expertise and humor made the journey both enlightening and enjoyable. Thanks to this course, I've overcome my fears and now confidently share my healing knowledge on YouTube. It's been empowering to see the progress and impact. Thank you, Dr. Grace!

Beverly J.

Intuitive Inner Child Healer

Taking the YouTube Breakthrough 5-Day Challenge with Dr. Grace, an absolute pro, has completely transformed my YouTube journey. Before finding her, I felt defeated as my videos struggled to gain traction. However, from the very first session, it was clear that Dr. Grace is the real deal.

She does NOT PLAY when it comes to making money on YouTube, and she's not shy about sharing the secrets to success. With her expert guidance, I gained clarity on how to improve my content and make it more appealing to my audience.

Now, my channel is thriving, and I'm making money from both YouTube ads and affiliate marketing. Dr. Grace's professionalism and dedication to helping us all succeed are truly inspiring. Thank you for this life-changing experience!

Candace M.

Singer/Song Writer/Lyrical Goddess

OK Friend,

IT'S TIME to do this!

Start building your YouTube platform today and witness the transformations unfold, even while you sleep.

Whether you're ready to launch your first YouTube channel or seeking growth for an existing one that's stalled, this challenge is for you! Join now and discover how YouTube can work for you around the clock, generating income while you rest and helping you leave your legacy.

Join the Waitlist Here

You are on the list!

The FAQs

Do I have to have a current Youtube Channel to take the challenge?

NOPE! You can start from the ground up! So, come on in here!

Do I need certain equipment for this challenge?

You need a device to connect to the group ZOOM call, but you only need your device to record and post your Youtube video.

Is there an age limit for your challenge.

Absolutely NOT! Any age can do this challenge.

What if I can't attend live?

Don't let that stop you! You will receive replays, the workbook, and have access to the community for your feedback assignment task. 

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